Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: 3 Essential Things To Know


Bankruptcy is a legal process that many people turn to when they need financial help with debt problems. If you compare the two main branches, you might discover that Chapter 13 is the right branch for you. You may also find that Chapter 13 is the only branch you qualify for when you need debt help. If you decide to use this branch, it might help to know a few things about how it works. Here are three vital things to know about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

It Is the Wage-Earners Plan

Lawyers and bankruptcy courts may refer to Chapter 13 as the "wage-earners" plan. It has this title because people who use it must have a steady income and earn enough income. If you do not earn a lot of money, you cannot use Chapter 13. You must pass an income test to use it, and there is a reason this is an eligibility requirement. A Chapter 13 plan requires debt repayment. You cannot repay your debt if you do not earn enough money. Therefore, your lawyer will closely examine your income to ensure that you earn enough to qualify for this branch.

The Repayment Plan Details

The second essential thing to understand is the repayment plan. If you use this branch, you must repay your debts. You might not have to repay off all of your debts, but you will likely repay most of them. Your lawyer will evaluate your income and debts to create a repayment plan. Once created, your lawyer will present it to the court for approval. The plan might require paying the court once or twice a month. They take this money and pay off your bills with it. You will have enough money left each month to pay for your extra expenses not covered in the plan. This plan can last around three or five years, depending on your financial state when you began.

The End of the Plan

If you make every payment for your plan, you will eventually reach the end of your Chapter 13 case. At that point, the court might discharge some of your remaining debts. When you complete the plan, you can stop making the payments to the court, and you should be in a better financial position.

Chapter 13 works well for many people, but it does not offer debt relief overnight. It takes time. If you are interested in learning more about it, contact a bankruptcy law firm.


6 October 2020

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